Sunday, January 29, 2012

Menu Plan, January 30-February 5

Our elimination diet is going well thus far. Today is Day 4. While there aren't yet any noticable changes in Ben's asthma, at least he is finding the food tolerable.

Here is what I have on the plan for this week:

Potato skillet with sausage and spinach
Banana bread made with brown rice flour and flax meal
Quinoa porridge with cinnamon apples
Pumpkin Pie oatmeal
Grain-free Apple Flax Muffins

Coconut milk smoothies
Cranberry Mango Millet Salad

Chicken and vegetable soup
Honey Lime Chicken, black beans, brown rice, fruit salad
Meatloaf, baked fries, cooked veggies
Brown rice pasta with meat sauce, steamed broccoli
Ginger sweet potato chicken bake
Lentil and brown rice casserole (without cheese)

What are y'all cooking this week? If you need menu planning inspiration, head to OrgJunkie's Menu Plan Monday!

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