Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Homemade herbal pregnancy tea

32I've never been great about drinking pregnancy tea. I think I just don't like Red Rasberry leaf. But, I know how beneficial herbs can be in addressing specific health concerns during pregnancy and otherwise. When I recently had to design an herbal pregnancy tea for an assignment in my natural health course, I was excited to try to come up with one with nourishing herbs to address pregnancy complaints and tasted good.

After some trial and error and help from my wonderful sister-in-law, this is what we came up with:

Peppermint (2 parts)
::Pleasant flavor
::Helps with nausea

Red Rasberry Leaf (1 part)
Red Rasberry Leaf is a wonder herb for pregnant women.
::Contains calcium and iron (both very important during pregnancy and birth)
::Is said to reduce risk of miscarriage and postpartum hemmorhage
::Strengthens the uterine muscle.
::Some clinical studies show that regular use during pregnancy can decrease the length of labor.
::Eases morning sickness

Nettle Leaf (1 part)
::Helps with leg cramps
::Contains iron, chlorophyll, and Vit. C
::High in calcium
::Helps prevent fluid retention
::Helps with hemorrhoids postpartum
::Encourages healthy milk supply

Alfalfa Leaf (1 part)
::Increases Vit. K, helping prevent hemmorhage
::Increases available hemoglobin
::Encourages healthy milk supply
::Eases morning sickness
::Can help prevent tooth decay

Dandelion Leaf (1 part)
::Increases mineral absorption
::Helps with constipation, loss of appetite, and upset stomach

Chamomile Flower (1 part)
::Helps with upset stomach
::Calming effect (can help with insomnia)

Milk Thistle (1/4 part)
::One of the best herbs for easing morning sickness

To enjoy, use one tablespoon of loose leaf tea to every cup of water throughout pregnancy.

Do y'all drink pregnancy tea? Do you make your own, or buy pre-made tea bags?

Disclosure: I am not a medical professional. It is recommended that you speak with a healthcare professional before consuming herbs if you are pregnant.


  1. This sounds great! I'm allergic to Mint though so I'd have to make it a bit differently. I have been buying pre-made pregnancy tea but I'd like to make my own and I'm sure it'd save us some! :) I look forward to trying this sometime!

  2. I've never been great about drinking pregnancy tea either. But I've heard several women say they noticed a big difference when they faithfully drank it. So I'm planning to do it with our next pregnancy...

  3. I have heard such conflicting advice that I've been avoiding herbal tea altogether!

    Not sure if I can get all of the ingredients here, but your recipe sounds like it's worth a try!

  4. Well peppermint and ginger root as well as lemons are 100% safe. So instead of buying expensive medicines and herbal teas I simply bought a ginger root, oil of peppermint ( in the baking and spice isle) You simply slice 4-5 thin slices of the root and boil it or microwave it in some water. remove the ginger add sugar a drop of peppermint oil, and some lemon to taste. It will look very clear but really helps