Monday, February 20, 2012

Menu Plan, February 20-26 {The morning sickness edition}

I woke up this morning feeling quite nauseous and had to think long and hard about what I could eat that wouldn't make me sick, and I've continued to have bouts of nausea throughout the day today. So, I guess morning all-day sickness has officially begun. That said, this is what I have planned, but it will almost undoubtedly change a lot throughout the week. It's too hard to know what will sound good from one day to the next!

Potato, sausage, and spinach skillet (x2)
Baked oatmeal with apples and cranberries (x2)
Double Chocolate Chips Scones (these are sooooo good--AND quite healthy)
Cold cereal (just in case I have one of those mornings)
Oatmeal pancakes with homemade apple topping


Slow cooker Chinese orange chicken, brown rice, fruit salad
Spaghetti, steamed veggie
Mojo chicken, green beans, potatoes
White chili (made with leftover chicken and bone broth)
Shredded BBQ beef over mashed potatoes, fruit salad, veggie

What are y'all cooking this week? For lots of menu planning inspiration, check out OrgJunkie's Menu Plan Monday!


  1. Bummer! I hope the all-day sickness ends soon.
    Your menu plan sounds delicious.
    Have a wonderful week!

  2. All I can say is that I couldn't cook anything from about 8-18 wks pregnant because of nausea, so I'm quite impressed with your efforts to keep your family well-nourished! I hope that I will keep learning more tips and tricks as I go.

    We've been eating lentils lately, as well as boiled buckwheat (as a savory dish, not sweet). Then we switch up the veggies to go with it, and sometimes meat.

    One of my favorite dishes is a potato-mushroom skillet.

    My father-in-law makes his own sauerkraut. I love eating some fresh out of the jar. It helps with nausea and even soothes heartburn!

    We were also given some frozen handpicked berries, and I used them to make homemade juice (can sweeten as much or little as desired) and jam.

  3. Oh, and I add wheat germ to things sometimes, when I think of it.