Friday, April 27, 2012

It's all in your perspective

So often in the daily tasks of wife and mama it's easy to look at everything that has to be done (and then redone again and again...) and get frustrated. But, that won't make the tasks go away and a change in perspective can make the mundane, even annoying tasks, bring joy.

You can get irritated over a messy face and floor to clean or find joy in another healthy meal enjoyed and a baby who can mostly feed himself--and one who looks stinkin' cute even with chili on his face! Many women long for a baby of their own with a sweet, messy face to clean up.

You can get frustrated over the never-ending laundry pile or be thankful for plenty of nice clothes, machines that do the washing, and the people you love so dearly who wear the clothes.

The never-ending mess can be frustrating. When you consider families who have lost their child(ren) or haven't been able to have any, ones who long for sweet (inquisitive) babes to have fun (and even make messes!) in their homes, it might be easier to be thankful.

When your kiddos ask to 'help' you in the kitchen, you could sigh, knowing the task will take twice as long--or you could be thankful willing helpers and a chance to make fun memories together.

 See? So many tasks in our lives as wives and mamas can go from drudgery to finer things if we only change our perspective!


  1. So true! I have done a lot of perspective changing lately.

  2. vishakha carverMay 3, 2012 at 2:06 AM

    Very true I realized this while I was pregnant with my is hard to not be discouraged because of how many things you are "redoing" constantly. But it is worth it as we both know!