Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Menu Plan, April 24-29

Arroz con Pollo--not on the menu this week, but I wish it was!

The children and I got back yesterday from being out of town since Wednesday. We had such a nice time visiting with a dear friend as well as a bunch of our family--but, it's always so nice to be home! I spent most of the day Tuesday getting food ready for Ben before we left, so I think he ate well while we were gone.

I checked the weather for this week and it's supposed to be pretty chilly in our neck of the woods, so I'm planning a couple of frugal and yummy soups. Ben isn't a big soup fan, but there are certainly a few soups he enjoys--and he has successfully added dairy back in without it affecting his asthma (yay!), so I'll be incorporating a little more dairy into our meals as well.

Brown rice grits with cheese, butter, and turkey kielbasa (x2)
Hash browns, scrambled eggs, sausage (for Ben), fruit (x2)
Scones, fruit (x2)


Potato soup (I skip the bullion and use broth & I usually use meat other than ham), salad
Homemade chicken noodle soup, millet biscuits
Nitrate-free beef hot dogs, carrot sticks, chips
Peppered beef shank in red wine, brown rice, salad (I didn't make this last time)
Dinner at the farm with Ben's family

So, what are y'all eating this week? I'm always looking for new ideas!

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  1. I make that same Potato soup quite often, but like you, usually substitute another meat (often homemade Mennonite sausage). It's soooo delicious! This past week I actually made it with ham, ham broth, and mashed potatoes. It was absolutely heavenly!!