Monday, June 18, 2012

Menu Plan, June 18-24 (and grocery cost breakdown)

My menu planning was a little bit different this week because we are going to be out of town Thursday to Sunday. We'll be going to a family reunion and staying in a hotel. The hotel has a full breakfast and our family dinners will be catered. So, I mainly just have to plan for snacks and lunches for while we're out of town--plus some dinner food for Ben since he's still off gluten, soy, corn, and nuts/peanuts. So, I have a normal menu plan for today through Thursday morning and then just a general plan for the rest of the week.

Breakfast: Oatmeal
Lunch: Leftover soup, coconut flour biscuits
Dinner: Grilled hotdogs and hamburgers, chips, watermelon (with Ben's family)

Breakfast: Scrambled eggs, pumpkin coconut flour muffins (from Healthy Snacks to Go)
Lunch: Leftover soup, coconut flour biscuits
Dinner: Roast chicken (freeze extra chicken), mashed potatoes, salad

Breakfast: Baked oatmeal with peaches
Lunch: Leftover soup, coconut flour biscuits (yes, I made a BIG pot of soup)
Dinner: Lasagna, salad

Breakfast: leftover baked oatmeal
Lunch: clean out the fridge

We'll be leaving after lunch, and I think we'll probably eat out Thursday night. The rest of the week we'll eat breakfast at the hotel, leftovers (brought from home) or snacks for lunch, and dinner with family (Ben will have leftovers for dinner if there aren't things he can eat at the family meals).

For snacks I'm planning to bring (*or buy once we get there):
::Pumpkin coconut flour muffins (from Healthy Snacks to Go)
::Granola bar
::Veggies* with homemade ranch dip

So, that's how we're "doing" our first hotel vacation since we had children. :)

Grocery trip breakdown

(1) half gallon milk ~ $1.49
(1) pint organic half and half ~ $1.99
(3) 8oz. bricks Kroger cheese ~ $1.79 each
(1) 30oz. container whole milk ricotta cheese ~ $4.49
(2) dozen cage-free eggs ~ $2.89 each (I had a $0.40 coupon)

(1) seedless watermelon ~ $4.94
(3.88) pounds organic bananas ~ $0.69/lb
(2.26) pounds organic peaches ~ $1.29/lb (they were supposed to be $2.49/lb, but she rang them up as conventional instead of organic again)
(1) 3lb. bags organic Russet potatoes ~ $2.99 each
(2) pineapples ~ $1.50 each

(1) 2lb. box hormone/antibiotic-free hamburger patties ~ $8.99

Dry goods
(2) bags Kettle Sea Salt potato chips ~ $3.28/bag
(1) 2lb. bag gluten-free rolled oats ~ $5.99
(1) bag organic raisins ~ $3.49
(1) bag allergy-free chocolate chips ~ $3.99
(1) 32oz. box organic chicken broth ~ $2.79
(2) jars organic pasta sauce ~ $3.28 each
(1) 16oz. jar organic peanut butter ~ $5.99
(2) organic dried fruit/nut mix ~ $2 each (reduced for quick sale from $4.49)

(1) package diapers (for Benjamin for our trip) ~ $6.21
(1) package store-brand Pull-ups (Katie sleeps in these) ~ $16.99
(1) bottle shampoo for Ben ~ $2.50

 Total: $111.58

I realized I forgot to get Shout gel and butter, and I'm going to need to get deodorant and toothpaste. Ben grabbed toothpaste for the kids at the health food store and it was $8 (!!). We'll also be picking up some things at the store once we get where we're going Thursday, but we'll still be well within- our budget for the month. Yay!

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