Wednesday, June 20, 2012

On interruptions

Pink Flowering Gum

Life mothering littles is filled with interruptions.

They need boo-boos kissed while you're washing dishes.  They fight over toys when you're trying to make dinner. When you're vacuuming, they spill the Cheerios. They whine for your attention when you're talking on the phone. They wake up early (and cranky) from naps when you're trying to get things done. They need diapers changed, noses wipes, books read, dollies dressed, toys fixed, tears dried--they need their mama all.the.time.

So often, I sigh in exasperation (and, to my shame, even express my frustration to my sweet babes) when my children come to me and interrupt what I'm trying to accomplish. I'll think to myself, "How will I possibly accomplish this task when they won't stop interrupting me?"

It's so easy to forget that the dishes, the vacuuming, the dusting, my paid job, having dinner done on time--pretty much all the tasks I do--are secondary to my highest calling during this particular season of life. That is, training, loving, raising these lives the Lord has entrusted to me.

Each interruption is an opportunity to grow in sanctification by trying, by God's grace, to joyfully die to ourselves and sacrifice for our children and ultimately, for the glory of God.  He knows the baby is going to have a diaper blow-out right in the midst of our big project. He is the One Who causes it to happen, and to happen when it does.

And He does it for our good and for His glory, every time.

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