Monday, July 2, 2012

Menu Plan, July 2-8

It has been hot around here lately! This week, I've tried to plan meals that won't heat up the kitchen too much (though I can't seem to avoid the oven completely), as our little old air conditioner has had a hard time keeping up with the temperatures--which hovered around 100 or more for the past several days (that is HOT for Central Virginia).

We were finally able to pick up the beef we ordered on Saturday, so I'm really excited to have a freezer of beef. This is our first ever bulk meat purchase, and I'm pleased with the deal we got. I plan to set aside some of my grocery money in an envelope each week to save up for another such purchase in the future.

Here's what I have planned for our meals this week:

Scrambled eggs, brown rice grits (x2)
Baked oatmeal (with pumpkin and coconut) x2
Soaked oatmeal
Slowcooker Breakfast Casserole (a new recipe), coconut flour pumpkin muffins from Healthy Snacks to Go*affiliate link (x2)
Roasted Chicken in the crock pot; mashed potatoes with gravy; broccoli, caulflower, and yellow squash (Mediterranean style)
Bunless burgers; watermelon; veggies with dip
July 4th picnic with the family
Easy Beef Stroganoff, salad
Taco salad (made this way)
Mini Meatloaves, mashed potatoes, salad

We keep lunchtime simple with leftovers or smoothies just about every day.

As a side--I'm planning to do a post at the end of the week with my grocery expenses. I think it would be more realistic as it would cover the occasional extra stop during the week. You can look for that on Saturday.

So, what do y'all like to cook when it gets hot out? It took me *forever* to think up our menu plan for this week! I'd love some fresh inspiration!

Linked to Menu Plan Monday.

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