Monday, December 31, 2012

Goals for 2013

Things have been quiet around here for a while. I'm still figuring out this whole business of mothering three small children, we've been out of town visiting my family for Christmas (we'll head home next week), and I've been working on another project (to be announced soon!)--so I've been distracted.

But, I just love January 1. I love the opportunity to start afresh. Right after the start of this year, I got pregnant with Joshua--so I only ended up completing a couple of my goals for this year. That's just fine though--I got a precious baby out of the deal. :)

As this year comes to a close I've naturally been thinking about next year and I've spent some time over the last week thinking about and settling on some goals for the coming year. The basic process I follow is this:
1. Think through my priorities. During this season of life my goals revolve around my husband, our children, our home, and my own health and well-being (not in a selfish way--but keeping myself healthy helps me to better care for my family)--and the intent of all my goals is ultimately the glory of God in my life.
2. Decide what needs to improve in each area. Once I listed my priorities, I made a list for each one of things I'd like to focus on.
3. Narrow it down. Reality: I have three children under the age of four, including a breastfeeding baby. I work from home 10-ish hours per week. I make the vast majority of the food we eat from scratch. I do not have a moment to waste. I don't have time for everything I'd like to do in theory--so narrowing my list down to the most important items is key.
4. Consult my husband. I am so thankful for Ben's leadership in my life. Once I had my list written out, I talked through it with him to get his input before "finalizing" everything.

 With that, here are my goals for 2013:

::Read through the Bible
::Memorize Psalm 119
::Lose my remaining baby weight plus 14 pounds by the end of October
::Upload/organize photos each month and make a family photo book at the end of the year
::Go through 21 Days to a More Disciplined Life each quarter
::Complete Family Herbalist Course, begin Certified Holistic Wellness Professional course
::Launch my new website (more soon!)
::Have bi-monthly at-home "dates" with Ben
::Have a monthly "business meeting" with Ben 
::Enter the Trinity Foundation essay contest
::Start Kindergarten with Katie
::Teach Katie 40 new catechism questions
::Teach Benjamin 10 catechism questions
::Work with Katie to learn one new chore each month
::Work with Benjamin to learn one new chore each quarter

Happy 2013 you all! What are your goals for the year?

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  1. I look forward to learning more about your herbalist course and holistic wellness education!

  2. Your devotion to your family is awesome!

  3. Wow, awesome goal to memorize Ps. 119. Do you have any tips you could share about memorizing long passages like that? I heard a young guy (in his 20s or so) recite all of the book of Philippians once, and it blew me away. It was so powerful; I cried. :) So now I want to try it too. :)

    1. Good question! I'll have to do a post on that soon.

      I figured based on the number of verses in Psalm 119 that I'd need to do about 3 verses per week to memorize it in a year, so I rounded it up to 4 verses/week to give myself some wiggle room.

      The way I go about memorizing is to write the passage down or type it up and just review it every day until I have it down and then move on to the next portion, continuing to review the previous verses regularly so I don't forget. :)