Monday, January 28, 2013

Goals for This Week (January 28)

It's a goal 

Last week was kind of a big fat flop. Our pipes were frozen Wednesday and Friday and I was gone all day Saturday. I can only check one goal off of my list from last week. I love the fresh start a new week brings--and I'm super thankful I'll have some help tomorrow to make it through the massive mountain of clean laundry I have.

Last week's goals:
Personal:::Stay caught up on Bible reading
::Memorize Psalm 119:13-16
::Do Postnatal Boot Camp, Week 2 three times
Parenting:::Take photos at least 6 days
::Do chore chart daily (we already missed yesterday, but here's hoping for a smooth rest-of-the-week)
::Continue reviewing Books of the Bible song and catechism daily (see this post for information about the catechism we use)
Household:::Choose a cleaning project daily [vacuum, dust, bathrooms, etc.] (missed yesterday)
Education:::Finish reviewing Unit 15 of Family Herbalist Course
Work/Blog:::Work 7 1/2 hours for my work-at-home job
::Post 4 times here
::Write 3 posts for my new blog (Hint: It's a blog about natural health!)

With that, here are this week's goals (many of them repeated from last week):

::Stay caught up on Bible reading
::Memorize Psalm 119:13-16
::Do Postnatal Boot Camp, Week 3 three times
::Finish reviewing Units 15 and 16 of Family Herbalist Course

::One at-home date (done already! Yay for sleeping babies, raw milk hot chocolate, and great conversation)

::Take photos at least 6 days
::Go through chore chart daily
::Books of the Bible song, catechism every weekday

::Do one cleaning project per day
::Upload/organize January photos

::Work 7 1/2 hours for my at-home job
::Write 3 posts to save in the queue for my new blog
::Post at least 3 times here

I know a lot of people hate Mondays. I love them. What about you?

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  1. I love new weeks, new months and new years. Hooray for fresh starts!