Thursday, January 31, 2013

Of first kisses

Our wedding day
By God's grace, Ben is the only man I've ever kissed. When Ben and I shared our first kiss, we were in a courtship with the blessing of both of our families and had long known we would spend the rest of our lives together. I am so thankful the only man whose lips mine have ever met is the man I am covenanted to 'til death parts us.

There is a general attitude among young people today, even many Christians, that kissing is not a big deal.

I think back to the first time Ben and I held hands, the first time Ben kissed me on the cheek, and that awkward first real kiss (the first for both of us). I am so thankful these are memories we share, and that years later these are still meaningful expressions of our love for each other--expressions neither of us has shared with anyone else.

In a culture that tries its hardest to rob children of their innocence so early in life, a culture that glorifies pre-marital s*x and balks at the sacredness of intimacy, I'd like to encourage you mamas to teach your children to cherish and save even "lesser" forms of physical intimacy. And if there are any single young ladies reading here, I'd like to encourage you, too. It may not be easy to wait when everyone everywhere is doing it differently, but your husband, wherever he may be and whenever you may meet him, is worth waiting for.

Disclaimer: I am in no way saying I think you're an awful person if you did things differently than we did. 


  1. As someone who did it very differently than you did, I wish there would have been more people in my life that would have been able to influence me to save these moments for my future husband. While many were reserved for him, had I to do it again, I would have done it MUCH differently! Kudos to you for self-control and trying to instill this into your children! We need more Mom's like this!

  2. In God's mercy, my first kiss was also reserved for my husband! It is a precious gift I hope to pass on to my children. We enjoy reading The Princess Kiss ( together.