Tuesday, February 5, 2013

55 Things I Love About My Dad

I have been so very blessed with a godly father who is not only my dad, but one of my dearest friends. Tomorrow is his 55th birthday. To honor him on his special day, here are 55 things I love about him (in no specific order).

  1. His faithfulness to Christ. 
  2. After over 25 years of marriage, he still adores his bride, my mama.
  3. The way he laughs ("HA!").
  4. He talks to my babies on the phone. 
  5. He loves the Church. 
  6. His generosity.  
  7. He plays in the mud with his grandchildren. 
  8. He gave me to an amazing husband. 
  9. Growing up, he allowed space for me to become me while still guiding and protecting me. 
  10. He's practical. 
  11. His determination. 
  12. He's handsome. 
  13. He's smart.
  14. He put up with me (really, that's saying something!). 
  15. He is a good provider. 
  16. He is diligent. 
  17. He's thoughtful. 
  18. He took me golfing even though I was awful not very good. 
  19. He was always there for me (and still is).
  20. He is wise. 
  21. He's faithful in evangelism. 
  22. He's fun to be around. 
  23. He's humble. 
  24. He's a great writer.
  25. He is frugal.  
  26. He drives Volvos. 
  27. His excellent leadership. 
  28. He prayed for me when I was apathetic towards Christ and didn't give up on me.
  29. He taught me how to share the gospel with the lost.
  30. He's a great boss (I work for his company from home).
  31. He doesn't waste his time.
  32. He is diligent in his study of Scripture.
  33. He says what people need to hear even when they don't want to hear it.
  34. He's quick to apologize when he wrongs someone.
  35. He gets along well with my husband.
  36. He respects Ben's authority in my life.
  37. I never for a moment in my entire life doubted his love for me.
  38. He provided me with excellent educational opportunities and chances to pursue my interests and grow my talents.
  39. He submits to authority in his life.
  40. He made me focus on my studies when my head was in the clouds during my courtship with Ben.
  41. He taught me the value of studying something because it's good to always be learning--even if you won't necessarily use the knowledge (think: advanced math classes).
  42. He isn't disappointed in who I've become even though he probably never imagined I'd get married at 18 and have three children by the time most of my peers were finishing college.
  43. Dad is a good teacher.
  44. He's a great radio show host.
  45. He has good taste.
  46. He taught me how to drive.
  47. He tried to teach me how to ride a bike (a story for another day... *grin*).
  48. He is friends with my in-laws (so thankful our families enjoy each other's company!)
  49. He lets Mom come see me even though he misses her while she's gone.
  50. He makes time for me when I call (unless he absolutely can't).
  51. He is incredibly hospitable.
  52. He doesn't think I'm quack-y when I talk about natural health.
  53. He loves our [extended] family and makes every effort to spend time with them.
  54. He is wonderful with my children.
  55. He willingly changes his mind when he is convinced by Scripture.
See? He's an amazing guy, and I am so very blessed to be his daughter.

Happy birthday, Dad! I love you!

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  1. How beautiful to honor your father in this way. I know he will cherish this gift of words you have given him.

  2. Amen! I second your list, just from the few years I have known your Dad. Daniel's favorite is definitely #3, though! LOL Beautiful post, Mary Jo!