Saturday, February 2, 2013

Goals for 2013, February Update

I can't believe it's already February! I am excited about the progress I've been able to make this month. Making weekly goals and working on them each day makes such a big difference.

Here's where I am after January:
::Read through the BibleI have stayed caught up with this.
::Memorize Psalm 119I am on track here (should finish up memorizing verses 13-16 today).
::Lose my remaining baby weight plus 14 pounds by the end of OctoberI started with 30 pounds to go. After January, I have 25 pounds left. I have been doing Weight Watchers Online and exercising three times a week with Postnatal Boot Camp.
::Upload/organize photos each month and make a family photo book at the end of the yearI was a lot better about taking photos this month! I plan to upload and organize January's photos tomorrow while we're hanging out at the farm.
::Go through 21 Days to a More Disciplined Life each quarterHaven't done this yet.
::Complete Family Herbalist Course, begin Certified Holistic Wellness Professional courseI spent this month reviewing as I had taken a few months off around Joshua's birth. My review is completed and I'll be starting on new material this week.
::Launch my new website (more soon!)I've been working on the design as well as getting posts in the queue. I am hoping to launch it this month.
::Have bi-monthly at-home "dates" with BenDid this in January.
::Have a monthly "business meeting" with Ben Did this in January.
::Enter the Trinity Foundation essay contestNothing here yet.
::Start Kindergarten with KatieI have been doing "school time" every week day with Katie. Right now it consists of singing the Books of the Bible song and reviewing catechism after devotions. This week I'm going to try to start her with reading lessons and see how she does.
::Get through Question 75 with Katie in the catechismWe are working on 34 & 35.
::Teach Benjamin 10 catechism questionsHe has Question 1 down and is pretty close to having Question 2.
::Work with Katie to learn one new chore each month::Work with Benjamin to learn one new chore each quarterIn January, I worked with both children on picking up their toys each day. I think we're going to give it another month before adding anything new.
How are y'all doing on your goals for this year?

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