Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Katie's Fourth Birthday Letter

Dear Katie,

I know I say this every year, but I just can't believe another year of being your mama has come and gone. If three seemed like a "big girl" age to me, how much more four does! Though we're planning to home school you, in just one short year, most of your peers will have already started going to school--that thought is so incredible to me! It still just doesn't seem like it's been that long since I first laid eyes on you.

Three was probably our most challenging year thus far as your parents. As your intellectual abilities have grown, your very strong will has showed itself in ways we'd rather it not. We know that as your grow and mature and come to genuine faith in Christ your strong will will be an asset to you and to Christ's Kingdom. So for now, we do our best to train you and pray that the Lord will bless our efforts with the outcome we so desire.

Strong-willed though you are, you add so much joy and sweetness (and all things pink and girly) to our lives. You love to spend time with mommy and daddy, and I think Benjamin is your best friend. You two play so well together, which is such a blessing to me--and has definitely made it easier for me to adjust to life with three little ones. You also love to help with Joshua and hold him. He loves the attention he gets from you and Benjamin.

Typical of little girls your age, you are totally into all things girly and princess. You spend a good chunk of your play time everyday twirling around the house in your princess costume, playing tea party and dolls. Benjamin is usually your willing prince, but sometimes he protests. You love wearing skirts and dresses and have also decided of your own accord that pants are for boys.

Thanks, I think, in large part to your Aunt Hannah's influence, you love art. She gave you an art set for your birthday and you make lovely creations every day. Mrs. Raymond [our pastor's wife] has also done an art class with you and you lovelovelove going to that. In another display of your artsiness, you gave yourself not one, but two haircuts this year (on the same day). Thankfully Miss Laura was able to make it presentable!

You are getting old enough that you don't always love doing chores anymore, but we are working with you to be diligent even when you don't love what you're doing. You are learning to pick up your toys, and you are good at helping empty the dishwasher. You also have a growing fascination with cooking and I'm looking forward to teaching you more in the kitchen over the coming months.

I love watching you learn. Your vocabulary grows daily and you're doing great working your way through the children's catechism. Your witty comments give us a daily dose of humor. I think you'll be learning how to read soon, and I'm looking forward to starting you with Kindergarten curriculum once you are a good reader. As the days go by, you seem to be absorbing more and more of what we teach you about the Scriptures and I'm so thankful our efforts seem to be paying off.

More than anything else I wish for you, it is my daily prayer that God will grant you repentance and faith early in life and that you will grow up serving Him faithfully all your days.

My sweet little girl, I am so thankful the Lord gave you to us. You add so much to our lives and I love you so much.

Happy birthday, Katie Lee!


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  1. I enjoyed reading this sweet letter to Katie.What precious memories, and how wonderful it is that you are writing these letters to your sweet babies. They grow up so fast.Perhaps you could print them out and put them in a binder or photo album with photos from the previous year. Or maybe you could even do an audio recording of the letter. Love you! Mom